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New Delhi:  English is always a confidence booster for the CBSE Class 12 students. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has conducted the Class 12 English paper today and according to Jhumur Chakravorty, PGT, G.D. Goenka Greater Noida, this year's paper witnessed a big satisfaction and smiles on the faces of the candidates of Class 12. Though the morning witnessed their anxiety, but, after the completion of the exam, the students were quite contended.

"At the first sight the paper seems to be very lengthy but children were not only able to complete it, but revise the answer sheets", says Ms Chakravorty about today's CBSE Class 12 English paper.

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NDTV talked to Ms Chakravorty about today's paper.

How tough were the questions for an average student?

As it was the first paper, notwithstanding that the tension was perceivable before the exam, even an average student seemed confident when starting with the paper. The paper was scoring in nature. Getting through the exam was not difficult but yes, getting a score of 95 + was not that plain sailing.

Any draw back of the question paper you noticed?

The Literature section witnessed the three markers as thought-provoking.

The best thing about the paper?

The best thing about the English paper was that most of the questions in the Literature section were thoroughly revised by the students. Formats of the writing section were time and again practiced. Hence, this question paper caused no confusion or no looking back for most students.

How much of the questions were expected?

As such Literature is all about understanding ability, in my opinion, in-depth reading and reading between the lines must have helped the students to comprehend the section thoroughly.

How was the paper, a total analysis?

The English paper consisted of 13 questions:

One marker-22 in Reading and 4 in Literature(very short answers)
Three marker- 4 questions(short answers questions)
Four marker- 1 question(writing section)
Six marker- 4 in Literature(value based question) and 1 in writing section(Long answer question)
Eight marker- 1 in Reading Section(Note Making)
Ten marker- 2 in Writing section(Very long answer question)

Six marker questions had a choice but were slightly baffling for few students. Eight marker and the ten markers were little time taking, overall, the English paper was a good one in which students can have a good score.

(With Inputs from Ms Jhumur Chakravorty PGT (HOD English and Sr. In charge), G.D. Goenka Greater Noida)

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