NEET 2018 Paper Analysis: Read Expert Comments On Difficulty, Marks, Questions

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NEET 2018 Paper Analysis: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) concluded the examination process today and according to experts, NEET 2018 was slightly easier than last year's papers. Close to 13.2 lakh students appeared for NEET exam today, as compared to the 11.4 lakh last year. According to experts, this dramatic increase in NEET aspirants is primarily due to the increase in the number of states opting for NEET scores over state level Common Entrance Tests (CETs) for admissions in the health sciences. They also say the increase also attributed to an increase in number of students clearing class 12 exams, and various policies and scholarships provided by the government. 

"In terms of difficulty level," Mr. Rajshekhar Ratrey, VP Educational Content, Toppr.com said: "NEET 2018 was slightly easier than the last year's papers. Most questions were not time consuming. There were similarities between the weightage of marks in this paper, and the 12th standard syllabus".

He also said Physics was the toughest section amongst the three while adding that this section was lengthy. 

"There were 24 questions asked from the 12th standard syllabus and 21 questions from the 11th standard syllabus. This section had 2 difficult questions, 9 moderate questions and 34 easy questions. There were many calculation-based questions," Mr. Ratrey said.

About the Chemistry section, he said that was the moderate section amongst the three. 

"This section was not lengthy. There were 20 questions asked from the 12th standard syllabus and 20 questions from the 11th standard syllabus. This section had 1 difficult question, 20 moderate questions and 24 easy questions. Most questions were based on simple concepts," he added.

Like the students responded, Mr. Ratrey commended that Biology was the easiest section amongst the three, however, according to him, this section was not lengthy. 

"There were 46 questions asked from the 12th standard syllabus and 44 questions from the 11th standard syllabus. This section had 9 difficult questions, 33 moderate questions and 48 easy questions. However, this section was easier than last year, and had very few application-based questions. Most of them were directly from NCERT and were concept based. Most students found the paper moderate and expected marks in the range of 350-400," he said.

"NEET 2018 was easy to moderate with 170 questions based on NCERT and only 10 questions were found tricky as interlinking two topics," said Prof UdayNath Mishra, Chief Academic Officer, BasicFirst.

"Out of the total 180 questions, 110 questions were found easy; 45 questions were of moderate difficulty level, whereas 25 questions were of high difficulty level. Biology was found to be the easiest of all, Chemistry was easy to moderate while students found Physics to be the toughest," he added.

"Minimum marks expected to qualify NEET for any college is 135+-5. However, students opting for government colleges would require 510+-5," Prof. Mishra said.

According to Anand Nagarajan, Academic Head for School division, T.I.M.E., Chennai, the overall difficulty level of the paper as moderate.

He also said Biology questions were along the expected lines as was the case in Chemistry. 

"Majority of the students would have found the Physics questions tad difficult as there were some good conceptual questions thrown in," said Mr. Nagarajan. 

"The qualifying score to hover around 150 for general category. Any score in excess of 525 should get the students admission in top colleges through the state quota channel," he added.

CBSE will release NEET 2018 answer keys and OMS sheets soon.

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