Kaspersky expects 20% growth in India biz in 2018

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Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky said it expects to register around 20 percent growth in India on account of increase in focus on enterprise segment.

"We are looking double digit growth in India business ...close to 20 percent. We have seen over 100 percent growth in sales from Kaspersky website. Now we are looking to open new market opportunity through e-commerce.

"Today we have asked our traditional retail partner to open up digital platforms to boost sales," Kaspersky Asia Pacific MD Stephan Neumeier told PTI here without disclosing actual financial details.

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The company has total user base of 400 million globally.

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He is on India visit to start new office of Kaspersky.

The company claims to have been getting over 70 percent of business from consumer cyber security products, but is now looking to focus on solutions for business organisations.

Neumeier said that the company is now looking to engage with Indian government on cyber security but declined to divulge any further details because of non- disclosure clause.

"We are now looking to enhance share of business-to-business in our total business that we do here. This year, I expect 60 percent business to come from retail consumer segment and share of revenue from enterprise segment will go up from less than 30 percent to around 40 percent," Neumeier said.

The company is planning to station a member of its Global Research and Analysis team, which detects cyber attack and related crime, in India to coordinate with the government.

"In enterprise segment, 60 percent of business will come from small and medium business and 40 percent from large enterprise. We will now start focussing on business with Indian government. I expect government vertical to contribute 10 percent in enterprise segment this year," Neumeier said.

He said that company has roped in almost a complete new team to focus on south Asia business from India.



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