\'Say No to Suicide, Just Laugh\': IIM Rohtak Takes Initiatives Against Depression

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New Delhi:  IIM Rohtak, recently took an initiative to address depression among students and combat the burgeoning problem of student suicide with an event "Say No to Suicide, Just Laugh." As part of the initiative, Gurdatar Ryait, a student of IIM Rohtak and also a stand-up comedian by passion, took to stage to spread awareness by tickling the funny bone of the audience. He has also shared the stage with Kenny Sebastian, a well-known stand-up comedian, musician, and filmmaker.

Other than the stand-up comedy session, the institute also organized a talk session by Miss Simran Luthra, a social entrepreneur and founder of Talk Happy Therapy, an initiative for Mental Health Awareness and Well Being.

Talking about the reasons for suicides and stress, she said, "From a normal state to the state of suicide, theirs is a midpoint and that midpoint is anxiety. Anxiety gives us many types of thoughts which can be classified primarily into two types - positive and negative. The mind keeps on recalling the negative thoughts and this leads to stress." She added, "Our society still doesn't take mental health seriously. Going to the psychiatrist is considered a taboo and not getting treatment for mental disorders has become the prime reason for suicide nowadays."

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, who is the Director of IIM Rohtak shared a message for the students suffering from this lingering disease. He said, "Student suicide is becoming a malice in the educational institutions across the country. Stress is considered one of the main reasons and is taking a toll on this generation through suicide. IIM Rohtak is taking all the possible steps to counter this malice. Student forums and an alliance with the medical college of Rohtak helps in providing counselling to the students experiencing stress". 

He stressed that students should not just focus on academics but also participate in c0-curricular activities. He said that a healthy diet along with components of physical activities are also helpful in fighting stress. 

The number of students committing suicide has been rising at an alarming rate in India. According to National Crime Records Bureau (as on 2015), every hour one student commits suicide in India, and the total number of students committing suicide stood at a disturbing estimate of 8,934 in 2015. The actual figure is feared to be much more than this which usually go unreported. It was observed that the youth find it extremely difficult when it comes to dealing with failure in exams and career.

The situation deteriorates further with the fact that professional help is much difficult to find because the country endures an 87% shortage of mental health professionals. Also, people are ignorant when it comes to psychiatric diseases like depression, lack of awareness and proper recognition is further worsening the condition.

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